Courtyard by Marriott
13575 Cypress Glen Ln
Tampa, FL

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Checked in early and watched a hockey game. We ordered dinner and hung around the room for about 8 hours.
When we went to bed we pulled back the sheets and there was blood on them from the last person that stayed there! Worse yet as my husband was noticing the bloody sheets I had just noticed the tub had dirt in it, and there was something I couldn't identify all over the toilet paper holder and wall.
So we switched rooms and when we pulled back the covers it was another bed with bloody sheets

Obviously there was something wrong beyond a negligent maid!
Ironically the half the hotel was being "redone" and there were tarps separating the hotel into 2 distinct sections. Based upon the smell i'm pretty sure they were fumigating in the part of the hotel that was closed off to guests.
Ironically when we asked the front desk to put clean sheets he said there weren't enough employees on staff, but as we left I saw 3 staff members at the bar looking less than busy.
We took pictures and called Marriott immediately. They were relatively apologetic, but not to the extent I would have expected.
That was 2 weeks ago and I am now infected with what I think maybe scabies, fleas, or morgellons. (Omg- ewwwwwww!)
I see the doctor in 2 days because I've had itchy sores, or oozing skin,infected scabby lesions,; black specs all over and black specs that ooze out of the sores when I clean them.
I'll follow this up when I get results from the doctor, in the mean time- its not worth the risk!
This is even more disturbing because the maid obviously knew of the bugs, hence the reason she didn't change the sheets or even tuck them in she just pulled up the bedspread!
Then the refusal to have someone change a bed or do it themselves by the night staff just confirms they didn't want touch one of those rooms.
This is so negligent, immoral, and inhumane.
I have an immune disorder that caused one of the lesions to turn info an infection and has spread into my left eye. (I just pray its anything in this world but morgellons-if its morgellons then I will jump off a bridge). If its is morgellons I'll let you know!!
This is soooo awful, you'd be better sleeping your car.

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