Comfort Inn Tallahassee
2727 Graves Rd
Tallahassee, FL

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I have stayed in this hotel for 3 years or so for work about twice a month. I never stayed anywhere else. About 5 months ago was my last visit. I stayed on a tue. night and by Friday I had bites start appearing on my body. I had no idea what they were. About 3 months later, we have an infestation in our home. I am in a process of getting an attorny and find a way to get proof that is hotel has had bed bugs. Please be careful of this hotel, I now have a problem that is going to cost thousands of

dollars to rid them of my home. I do not wish this upon anyone, please check your hotels and keep all luggage etc off the floor. They will hitch a ride in your luggage, and it is all over with after that.

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