The Pier Hotel
253 2nd Ave N
St Petersburg, FL

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My husband and I stayed at the Pier Hotel for 1 evening on Friday, June 3rd 2011. We live in a nearby town and drove back home Saturday evening. On Sunday, I noticed several red marks on my legs and I immediately recognized what they were - bed bugs! 2 years ago, I was bitten by bed bugs while staying in New York (called NY hotel and they acknowledged the bed bug issue), and the bite marks from the Pier Hotel were consistent with the marks from the bugs in New York. I searched on TripAdvisor an

d noticed that at least one other person had reported being bit by bed bugs at Pier Hotel one month earlier. I called the hotel immediately and informed them of the issue. They said they were not aware (even though I've noticed the owner posting responses on Trip Advisor, so they must read them). I didn't ask for money back, but wanted to know what they were going to do to fix the problem. They never called me back. I would never stay at this hotel again.

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The Pier Hotel is clean. Mosquito and no-see-em's are thick around that area.

We stayed at their hotel and my 2 year old son woke up with bites on his ankles and I took him to the Dr and they said it was either bed bugs or flea bites because they look very similar. He's had them for 3 weeks now. I called the hotel and they insisted it didn't come from them but my son did not have them until he woke up there. We stayed there on 2/15/2011 for 1 night.

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