Tradewinds Sandpiper Resort
6000 Gulf Blvd
St Pete Beach, FL

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I stayed at TradeWinds from 10/27 to 10/31. On my first night, I saw an oval, flat, black insect on the bed. I didn't think much about it then as it was late and I was sleepy and ready to get some rest before the start of my conference the next morning. I killed the insect with a piece of tissue and flushed it down the toilet. I continued to sleep in the same bed during my stay. However, I didn't realize that there are multiple insect bites on my arms and neck and legs. Now that I'm back at home

, I'm reading more about these insect bites and looked up pictures of what a bed bug looks like and am sad to say that the oval, flat insect I found on the hotel bed was indeed a bed bug. I emailed the resort about the problem and have yet to hear back from them. This is not acceptable for any hotel, let alone a 4 star hotel.

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Came home from tradewinds island grand one week ago. My daughter and my sister both have rows of bed bug bites all over their arms.

TradeWinds Island Grand Resort at 5500 Gulf Blvd in St Pete Beach; Room 7623; Woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and found 1 reddish brown bed bugs crawling on the guest bed next to the one I was sleeping in. When i came out of the bathroom i saw a 2nd bug on the pillow. I pulled back the pillows and found an additional 2 on the back side of the pillow. Called the front desk immediately. Had them move me to another room and they took my luggage and dry cleaned all my cl

oths. Also put rubbing alcohol on my shoes, bags, etc to ensure i didn'r bring any eggs with me.

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Dec.18/19, 2011
Stayed at the Tradewinds Sandpiper (room 2829) overnight Dec.18/19 (for a special occasion) Checked out before 11am on the 19th. By Wednesday Dec.20th I was itching like fury and counted 28 bite marks total - Mostly on my legs, but also a few on my torso, neck and arm. Never having had this type of thing happen to me before, I started searching the internet. Seems like bed bug bites take a day or two to appear if you have never had previous exposure. Never, with the excep

tion of accidentally stepping in a fire ant hill, have I had such an acute and hellish reaction. Even with an anti-itch OTC medication, I wanted to tear my skin off. The itching is just now subsiding more than a week after the symptoms began. Since this happened just before Christmas and we had company, I did not report this to until they sent me an e-mail asking how I enjoyed my stay. The response back from them was to refer me back to the Hotel. Due to another issue we had with the hotel, they sent me a voucher for a free return visit. Obviously, I would have to be out of my mind to ever set foot in that place again. I am a 68 year old grandmother, and not someone who tries to make trouble, but I could not let this go without reporting my miserable experience.

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