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BED BUGS- Never Again…
The Hampton Inn, Vilano Beach, was our favorite place to stay in St Augustine and we have stayed many times, once for seven weeks while our house was being finished. We stayed for four nights this visit pre-paying for three and using HHONOR’s points for the last night.
It wasn’t until the second day that I noticed the telltale red welts all up and down my torso and legs in lines with bites about ¼ inch apart. I mentioned it to my wife who said she had the same

on her ankles, legs and stomach. To begin with I thought it was mosquito bites however we wore Off repellant when outside and wore clothes. Each night thereafter we were awaken with incessant itching and more bites.
At 4:00AM on our forth night I had to get up and sleep on the coach rather than the bed. I went to the front desk at 4:30 to complain and ask for another room. The desk manager said he was concerned that this was going to be a “major revenue loss at a time they were fully booked” He went on to say “they would have to close the room for at least thirty days and replace the mattress”. He then told me of a previous guest “a dear little old lady” who came to the front desk early one morning and showed her legs just like I had. He promptly moved her to another room and was subsequently reprimanded by his manager for doing so. He stated the reason was “he had jeopardized another room’s revenue in doing so”. He said “I hope you understand”. He also stated “don’t worry about your bill we will “comp it and take care of it when you leave”.
On leaving the hotel the GM was summoned by the desk clerk to talk to us and we expected an apology and agreement to cover the cost of our room. Instead we were quizzed as to the validity of our claim and again I showed evidence of the bites. I was asked if in fact my wife was bitten and she and I both replied yes. I was again told of their procedure to inspect the room and that we would receive a follow-up call later that day or the next. I brought up the bill and again was assured that we would receive “100% refund for our stay and that the points used on the last night would be reallocated to my HH’s account”. We then left the hotel for our trip home. The desk clerk said laughingly “welcome to Florida” we were not amused.
I never received a call from the GM as promised and called him on Monday to find out the results of their inspection and the status of our refund. I was told that he didn’t find anything in the room and it must have been “another culprit” I asked him to explain and he said that he had personally gone to the room and pulled it apart and found nothing. I stated we had not stayed anywhere else and that the bites speak for themselves. He then added that “I would not receive a refund” as promised.
I have never felt so humiliated and let down in my life and never experienced such uncaring and callas treatment. Our one week vacation was destroyed and the lack of service received only adds insult to injury. I travel for business regularly and will not give Hilton anymore of my business if this is the quality of their hotels and the terrible lack of management training and service.

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