Days Inn Satellite Beach
180 Highway A1a
Satellite Beach, FL

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Felt a stinging sensation on my back early in the morning, got out of bed and saw a bed bug walking across the bed sheet. Captured it in a paper cup from the hotel. Since I am in the mattress cleaning business I know what a bed bud is and it was a bed bug. Saw several other smaller nymph bugs along the floor next to the wall. Took pictures of those as well as the one I captured. Showed them to the owner of the hotel, who quickly accused me of bringing them in. It was are first and last nig

ht at the motel. They refused to give our money back. A friend of ours who also had rented his room for a weeks stay there tried to get his weekly rent back and they refused, he left and stayed at another motel and lost the money. This place is a disgrace. We reported it the the county health dept and the hotel and motel inspection bureau.

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