Club Med Sandpiper
3500 Se Morningside Blvd
Port St Lucie, FL

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December 2007, Club Med Sandpiper - room on the second floor by the stairs/courtyard. My husband and I had discovered a MASSIVE amount of dead bed bugs on the floor and crawling around the bed. My husband was bitten throughout the week but we didn't realize that is what it was from (had thought it was a sunscreen reaction.) The last day of the trip he had EXTENSIVE bites on face, arms, neck and we pulled back the bed from the wall and saw 1/2" thick of the remnants of the bug. We also stripped t

he bed and saw them crawling all over the mattress. The nurse on site confirmed that my husband's bites were from bed bugs - the manager, nor any other staff, would speak to us about it. The bugs were on our luggage and we had an infestation at home after the trip. We barely got a response from Club Med about the issue. Thank goodness our children's room was not affected by this infestation -either at the hotel or at home.

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