Sandpiper-Beacon Motel Rsrvtns
17403 Front Beach Rd
Panama City Beach, FL

Found 2 reports:

Bed bug on the wall and pillow. We checked the mattress and sure enough a third of the mattress was stained reddish brown! We put the bed bug in a baggy and showed it to the office. They didn't seem surprised. They offered us another room. We checked the mattress and disn't see anything until we took the plastic cover off the mattes same stain along the side of the matress. The front desk offered us a full refund. Got the price I paid back that day right away and deposit back a few days later. T

oo bad, really like the place before we found out!!!

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5/2/15 I woke up at 1:30 am with my whole body itching and burning. When I looked in the mirror I saw I had these horrible places all over my face, neck, and arms that looked like some kind of bug bites. I called the front desk and a couple of young men came up. They started looking at the bed, and when they lifted the mattress we saw the bugs crawling underneath and on the headboard! They immediately put us in another room bc I had my 4 year old granddaughter and couldn't leave right then and o

ffered 2 nights free. Definitely not happening.

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