Quality Inn Beach Front
15285 Front Beach Rd
Panama City Beach, FL

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This hotel is now called SeaHaven. We've stayed here even before it was named SeaHaven and enjoy the fact that the rooms all face the Gulf with a balcony. This year was an entirely different situation! We checked in Thursday afternoon with the Emerald Coast Cruizin event. Friday morning, we noticed a speck of dried blood on my husband's side of the bedsheet but didn't think anything of it. Saturday morning, he noticed several fresh blood stains scattered all over the sheets. He found a brown, ti

ck shaped but roach-like bug and killed it. It was full of his fresh blood! We had never even thought of bed bugs. He took it to the office and she sent maintenance guy up to check the beds. He looked on the mattresses, but didn't see anymore. He said the third and fourth floors had just been sprayed for bugs. Because the hotel was completely filled, we couldn't be moved to a different room. The maids changed the sheets and cleaned the room, and we thought all was well. The front desk clerk even called to tell me she had "comped" the room. It was free for the four nights we had booked 10 months earlier. Sunday morning, we woke up to at least 30 bites from bed bugs on my husband! We inspected the box springs, under the mattresses, and found an entire community of bed bugs! My husband went back to the front desk showing the clerk some of the new bites and requested that we have a new room, since the hotel was mostly empty. (The car show was over on Saturday.) She told my husband that they had already given us the room for free and that they were not moving us to a new room. Does she really think that we're gonna stay in an infested room just because it was free???!!!??? We left!!! We had to go to a laundromat and wash EVERYTHING that we had brought into the room and pray that we didn't bring any bugs home with us! To top it off, my husband is having allergic reactions to all the bug bites. He is on antibiotics and has already missed his first day back at work. We've stayed at this location for the last time!!! And I intend to warn everybody of the dangers of bed bug locations.

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