Westgate Palace
6137 Carrier Dr
Orlando, FL

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My Daughter and her friends family just called me at 4 AM, 5/24/2015. They woke up finding bed bugs! My daughter woke up the day before with bums all over her, she thought she had some kind of rash as she never encountered bed bugs bites before. Now she realizes it was bites all over her body even her face. They called the front desk and security took photos of the bites all over her body, I believe to keep on record and had them fill our a report. They kept all their luggage saying they w

ere going to steam clean everything. The gave them a new room. Our concern is, will the steam cleaning kill all the bugs and their eggs?! Should they just trash all their clothes and luggage and have the hotel reimburse them? I'm reporting this hotel now so others are aware of the problem.

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I stayed here with my parents, husband and 2 year old daughter. The second day we were there I went to wake my daughter from her nap and there was a red spot on her arm, I went to pick it off and it burst in my fingers. I immediately looked and found 2 more bedbugs and looked online to make sure i was right. I called my mother who was out at the time and told her. They immediately came home and talked to the person at the front desk. They sent security to investigate. After looking for about fiv

e minutes they came in and told us they couldn't even find any sign of bedbugs and to let them know if we actually had a bug to show them. ( I had tried to keep one but all i could get was a squished spot) I was very upset that they wouldnt even take us seiously and as much as I didnt want to EVER go in that bedroom again, I did because I HAD to. I immediately found a bug on the blanket. The security guy then told me it was just a piece of red fuzz....until it moved! They then moved us to another room. Unfortunately that was only the beginning of the nightmare. We stayed up washing and drying everything that we could, even though we had my brothers wedding to go to the next morning. we were up until 3am that night. while we were moving our things a security guy asked my husband to give him one of our room keys, that we could not have both rooms. my husband told him that as soon as we were done moving he would be glad too. Come to find out they thought we were just trying to get two rooms, seriously? We were doing everything we cold to get OUT of that room. We left our luggage and anything else we couldn't wash because they said they would steam them. We then gave them our room keys. We had to go back looking for things we had left in all the commotion ( and also luggage they apparently decided we didn't want or something.) and when I realized I had left my wedding ring I called and asked to have someone get it or let me back in. A sour looking security woman came to our door and told me this was THE LAST TIME I WAS GOING IN THERE SO I BETTER GET EVERYTHING. I was shocked at her words and attitude. she told us it was empty and that we would find nothing, that she had checked it herself. Upon entering the room I saw a shoe I hadn't missed yet ON THE COUNTER....IN PLAIN SIGHT! I found my rings where I knew they were and several other things. I cried when I got to the room because of the way she spoke to us. It beyond rude and inappropriate. The manager who finally "helped" us told us that they "dont have a bed bug problem". um.... excuse me! I think they do! The bottom line is that it was not their fault but they handled it badly to say the least. I now cringe at the name westgate palace.

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May 1, 2010 - I am SHOCKED that no reports have been entered! We had a family suite with 2 bedrooms and a connecting room in the middle with the living room, kitchen, etc. In one of the bedrooms is where my daughter and her friend slept. My daughter woke up after the first night with little blood spots on her sheets and pillow case. I thought she must have had a little cut or something, cause bedbugs never occurred to me. You don't think of those things til you have an encounter or hear som

ething ... some reason to worry. I always thought bedbugs were a myth .... "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." We didn't give it much more thought until the next day when my daughter called me in to her room to tell me that there was a small bug on her bed. I squashed it and it had blood in it. I thought, at that point that there was a problem, but called the front desk to report it, and thought (cause I did not know any better) that it could/would be fixed upon our return, as we were leaving for the day. When we returned late that night, with 3 kids ready for bed, we discovered all of our beds stripped, all of our things moved to the center room and a note on the door in broken English, saying "no enter room" ..... great! So I go to the lobby to have them acknowledge we have a problem, so they move us across the hall ... all of our belongings, food, etc. Again, not knowledgeable on the subject of bed bugs, we don't realize we have a problem in that room too, until everything has been unloaded. We report it AGAIN, only to be moved to a whole other floor, 11 up, where it does not appear we have a problem, however, at this point, we have gone to the 24 hour Walmart to purchase bug killed for our suitcases, we are in the process of doing every stitch of laundry we have (and there were 6 of us) in 3 different rooms on two different floors, bagging up what could not be washed/dried. It is now past 2am, during our vacation, and we are STILL doing laundry. I spent 1/2 my vacation by the pool (not in it), researching, on the laptop, all about bed bugs so as to NOT bring them home. Things seem okay til our last night, when my husband, while getting a shirt from the suitcase sees a LIVE bug crawling on it. I brought it to the front desk, in a ziploc bag and managed to get a manager on the phone, who called in someone to steam clean our luggage and go through the room with a UV light, where they said they saw nothing. All I can say is that I was SO happy to go home and I WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER WESTGATE PROPERTY FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE NOR WILL I EVER RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE ELSE STAY THERE EITHER. They acted as if it was no big deal. They ruined my trip with their so called "resort" and their lack of knowledge and concern with their very obvious problem.

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