Westgate Lakes Resort
10000 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando
Orlando, FL

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We stayed in building 90 and my whole family got several bites. It is terrible

Friends had to last minute cancel, so We stayed at Westgate for a 4 night stay in March, our first experience in a time share. Low and behold, we found my sons room here in Philadelphia area is filled w/ bedbugs, the only place we stayed was here. Ends up his bed, books, and all furniture need removed.

My husband and I checked into the Westgate Lakes Resort on Wednesday, May 6th to attend our daughters graduation from the University of Central Florida. After graduation on Thursday, May 7th, I noticed what looked to be like a mosquito bite. On Sunday, May 10th, my husband woke me and there it was. A small black bug. I jumped out of bed and there was another larger black bug. We called the front desk who sent security up to our suite take pictures and to take our statement. I began pulling pil

low cases off pillows and there were tons of smaller red bugs all over the pillows. I had well over 50 bites from my right shoulder down to my finger tips. The hotel moved us into another suite and we checked out the next day, Monday May 11th.

The hotel is giving us the run around regarding compensation.

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Stayed 5/3/15-5/9/15. First night wasn't bad, then I woke up to bumps on my arm and thought it was a rash from the hot tub and then after I hadn't gotten it it kept getting worse each night and they started to itch.

Bugs were all over the hotel as well, roaches and such.

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