Shades of Green on Walt Disney
1950 Magnolia Palm
Orlando, FL

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We experienced bed bugs. I have been going to this hotel for the past 4 years with my family. It was not until our most resent trip in 2013 that we encountered them. We found out when we returned from a great day out at Universal. We tried to get into our room but our key would not work. After trying both keys and thinking we were going crazy we then went to the front desk. They told us they had to move us to another room because the maid found bed bugs in the mattress. So not only did we have

to move all our stuff to another room we had to wash all our clothes and waste an entire evening. Bed bugs will migrate to another room after they treat the infested room. All of the rooms have to be treated or they will not go away. Also they can live in the walls for up to a year after they feed once. I was not comforted to be moved to another room but we took precautions. I was sad they we had to remember our honeymoon in such away.

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