Rosen Center Hotel
9840 International Dr
Orlando, FL

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don't want anything to happen. After ready several comments from previous guests at your hotel, they spoke of numerous bug bites (bed bugs). Please make sure our bed or beds and room have been fumagated for bed bugs and anything else that should not be in the bed (beds) or the room. We will be checking in around around 5-5:30 p.m. this evening under the name Iacocca.

Found one bedbug in the morning on1/1/2015. Killed it with blood all over the tissue. Manager said they would call the pest control and changed the room for us.

i stayed here three nights this week for the ANCC conference. I have about 10 bed bug bites that have shown up (so far), Beware!

Spent nine nights at the hotel in December 2012. Noticed two bites during our stay and wasn't concerned. We came back home, unpacked everything and the next day, I found 12 bites on me, realized they were bed bug bites and called the hotel. They said they would let the current guests in the room check out and then send an inspector in to check the room and get back to me by this coming weekend.
However, one day later (today), we are noticing my husband's back full of bites and a bunch on his ar

ms as well.
I can write again once I get their response, but think it's good for guests of the hotel to be able to see this report.

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Woke up on July 6 to find several bed bugs under my pillow. I reported this to the front desk and spoke to the manager before checking out. He later called and confirmed the infestation.
He also sent me a two night stay voucher for a future stay which I thought was very nice.
The bug bites did not really appear for a couple of days but have been horrible this last week.

Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel should be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

Stayed on Sept 2, 2011 and my son woke at 5:30 am and said there was a bug on him...yes a bed bug. I put it in a plastic cup and called the desk. Security came and confirmed it was a bed bug. They offered to move us and clean our clothes and luggage. After moving us we checked the key points in the room and it looked ok. We spent the entire day out and when we returned at 9pm, I decided to strip the bed and sure enough we found one on the mattress pad and tiny dirt specks. We called the

front desk and left the hotel. My son was so upset and would not have slept in any room in that hotel after finding them in two rooms. We were planning to stay 3 nights.

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Stayed here for meeting Dec 8th thru the 11th only to wake up the morning of the 10th with bites all up my sides, legs and hands. I even checked all of the key points when I checked in. I checked the matress, the sheets and saw no signs that you are told to look blood (dark trail) not any bugs between that matress and box spring. Front desk did seem surprised this morning when I reportd what had happened.

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