Residence Inn Lake Buena Vista North
11450 Marbella Palm Ct
Orlando, FL

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The report below is in-correct as they do not have a room 109 at the Residence Inn By Marriott Lake Buena Vista

My 10 year old daughter was also a victim of bedbites here in April 2011 in rm 101. We stayed one night and the next morning I noticed she had bites. We weren't sure what they were. That night my husband took out a flashlight when she was sleeping and found numerous ones inches away from her. We demanded they change our room (this was at about 11:00 p.m). They did. However, we left the next day. They only compensated us for the cleaners bill as I had all our clothes cleaned. Thank goodness

we did not bring any home with us. I did not find the Mariott very caring and accommodating. If this ever happens again, I will go to a doctor to have it documented. My child cried and could not sleep in the new room. Our vacation was ruined and I feel that they should have at least compensated us with future free accommodations at some other location.

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They have refused detction programs....My brother works there and has seen a pest control company that uses trained dogs told that it was not important.

My husband and I visited Disney world in September of 2010. Our five children were with us. We stayed at two Marriots. A Resort called Harbor Lake and Residence Inn. We have stayed at both places before, a few years back. We did not notice any bites while we were in Florida. but when we got back I was covered in welts and i went to the doctor, and she was not sure what it was. I did find out after going to the same doctor for several months that she was not a very good doctor. Finally after mo

nths of suffering and hiding my body I realized from pictures on line that we had bed bugs. I am not sure which Marriot we brought them home from, but we did stay at Residence Inn last. I also remember complaining about a weird smell in our room. I have since then learnt that bed bugs do have a smell. I am sure I brought home these bugs from one of these two Marriots. I am very disappointed in Marriot. I will never feel the same about sleeping away from home. Be careful. And don't let the Bedbugs bite!!

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confirmed. still there.
rm 339 had them in the "clean" sheets on one bed
December , 2009

Stayed here in September, had a few bites while there and thought they were just FL bug bites. Got home and found bugs in our luggage and brought them home. This has turned into an absolute nightmare.

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