Orlando - Royal Pacific Resort
6300 Hollywood Way
Orlando, FL 32819-7614

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My sons and I stayed in Room 3440 from May 23- May 26 2014.
My son and I awoke in the morning we were leaving with me- Bites on my arm
My son - bites on his stomach. Having no prior experience with bed bugs, we didn't realize it was bedbugs until we got home and looked up what bug bites look like on our computer. We were horrified.
Immediately Washed everything in hot water! Will NEVER stay there again!!!!

I was there January 26-28. I woke at 2AM on the second night with bites on my thighs. I saw the bug in the sheets but dropped it when trying to carry it on a paper napkin and take it to the bathroom. The hotel refunded only one night of the two night stay, even though this was the second incident of trouble. One of their employees had entered my room on the second day and then left the door propped open on the security latch all afternoon, so that anyone else could have entered and stolen my bel

ongings or waited there to attack me when I returned. Housekeeping is obviously lax and security poor.

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I stayed at the Loews Royal Pacific this week and now have more than 80 bed bug bites. We even found a bug in the room. The hotel cleaned our belongings and moved us to a SMALLER room. They offered to refund one night of our three night stay and didn't refund all until we complained.

I stayed at the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando last August 2010 for 1 week. There are bed bugs at this hotel.

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