Motel 6
5300 Adanson St
Orlando, FL

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We were staying at the hotel due to a local job, we were checked in on the 12th of march 2013, we stayed the whole week, requested fresh sheets and towels after a couple of days and they never changed them. I started itching like crazy on my arms (slept in clothing covering most of my body) and went home with blistery looking bites driving me crazy on the only skin touching the blankets. The rash got worse and grew red and inflames and after getting it checked I discovered that it was BED BUG B

ITES. We stayed in Room 206 but I doubt that they are more careful about any of their other rooms. Please do yourself a favor and check your mattresses and be careful of anything you transport to or from the hotel room. This is not only disgusting but can cause people other health problems as well. They need to be shut down and treated so people don't transport these creatures everywhere else.
I have pictures and proof of the rash they caused.

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Motel 6
5909 American Way
Orlando, FL

Date: 24th May - 26th May 2011

My Sister & I stayed at this Motel 6 for two nights and the first evening we had trouble sleeping due to a loud family in the room next to us - as our room had a joining door, we could hear them as if they were in our room.
The family kept us awake till gone 1am, shouting at their children and in turn their young child screaming at the top of their lungs for what seemed like forever. It wasn't until the very early ho

urs that I woke with such an itchy leg that I knew the room had a flea infestation.

On average I had over 20 flea bites in one night - 11 on one foot, I was bitten 4 times during a stay in another Motel 6, however these bites from Orlando were the size of a 5p if not larger and extremely itchy. The bites were so very itchy I had to visit a local Walgreen and get some flea treatment.

I informed the receptionist and also about the loud family beside us, we were offered a new room but at this point I was so exhausted and fed up there was no point changing our room, I gathered every room would be crawling with fleas - however I stressed the issue to the receptionist that their rooms need treating and I shall be forwarding the evidence to their main offices to inform them of their problem.

As we still had another evening to go and little money to actually change hotels, we covered ourselves in sunspray in hope that this would repel the fleas and wore leggings and a long sleeved top to bed, as well as a tight tucked in sheet.
In England, this is ok but in 84 farenheit, with a broken aircon unit, not so much fun. Did I forget to mention the broken aircon unit?

The room was average, you're paying so little you do not expect anything amazing - only basic beds/tv/shower etc. My Sister & I stayed in a couple Motel 6's through out America which had wooden flooring - ORLANDO NEEDS WOODEN FLOORING!
I ran some tissue over the carpet in hope to show some evidence of there being fleas, and the carpet was so dirty - as well as a home to the flea infestation.

During our second night, we actually pulled off my beds mattress - pictures included. I don't think I really need to go into what we found - over than a lot of flea poo! Not something that'll put you to rest while you're laying on top of it all.

This hotel needs to close for a season or two and just clear their problem, it's a real shame as the last week of our trip I had to cover my legs and be ashamed of these massive flea bites on my body. I'm thankfully, I didn't have anymore beaches to visit after this stop - these bites were vile to look at.

I would advise anyone wishing to stay at this hotel to perhaps spend a little more on somewhere that doesn't allow pets, just until they clear their problem - and if you do have a pet you wish to take to a hotel, please for us without a dog just wishing to stay somewhere cheap - use a flea treatment.

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