Monumental Movieland Hotel
6233 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819-8211

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My bro and I stayed in this hotel for 4 days and ended up with bed bug bites all over our bodies. It's been two weeks now and we still have the scars on our bodies and they're still itching. Not only was this room filled with bed bugs, their bedsheets were dirty, had hair on them, stains etc. Room had this funky smell. I really think they should do something about this whole thing.By the way, the room we stayed in was 218.

We were thouroughly enjoying our 2 week stay in Orlando, when about 9 days in my husband came out in what seemed like a rash. I had already done a bedbug check- stripped the bed lifted the headboard off checked nearby drawers etc and found nothing. On our very last day my husband got three bites in a straight line and I knew instantly it was bed bugs. I immediately stripped the bed and found a large adult bug and what looked like a nymphal stage bug.

After calling house keeping, they came up

and took the headboard off and ran a white stiff card down a crack which came out bloody. They were literally living in crack no wider than to slices of paper.

The hotel offered little help to us and didn't even offer to clean our luggage!

Don't stay in room 225!

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