JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes Hotel
4040 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, Fl 32837 (at John Young Pkwy)
Orlando, FL

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Stayed July 17 2021. My whole right side was covered with bites in different areas. Awful. I used to stay at this hotel frequently with no problem. I thought since the pandemic that would have taken that time to ensure every bed and room were clean and ready for guests. Not so. I wiped leather luggage inside and out with alcohol and washed other bags and cloths. This is not what one would expect at a luxury property

Stayed at JW Marriortt Grande lakes, Orlando hotel for one night about two weeks ago. I encountered bed bugs previous so I know what to look for.... Headboard was glued to wall and heavy with holes that was first bad sign but brushed it off since hotel had no reports.

Bed set up was very strange as it was on a box with fabric around it and it seemed that fabric box spring covering could be changed easily from guest to guest.

Anyway, woke up with bites one on my hand and my leg. Alarmed

went to Walgreens and bought spray and Sprayed car down since I had been in car the night prior and sprayed luggage down.

My immediate concern was getting out of the hotel and trying to contain the situation without contaminating car and my life.

At any rate, called hotel week later and told them I had bites and they were extremely rude.

I told them I was calling as a courtesy and was not asking for anything. On the call I stated that I wished to speak to a manager and ended up being connected to security. Yes, security. Brilliant, arrest the bed bugs. I can assure you noone is stealing their bed bugs.

They stated that it is he (security) that handles these issues...

Oh,ok. Makes a lot of sense and he was not even able to look up my room number by my last name. That shows the lack of care. No concern at all and not very polite. The way the situation was handled was poorly. Unfortunately, may have to stay at hotel again due to business situation but only due to lack of choice. Buyer beware. Adjoining property The Ritz Carlton Grande lakes has more reports for some reason.

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