Holiday Inn Orlando Intl Drive Resort
6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819-8217

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I have just come back from staying at this hotel (December 2014) in the Tower/Atrium building and have numerous bedbug bites over my legs, arms and back. How this place has a 3 star rating is beyond me. The website photos are very deceiving! Don't believe what you see and definitely stay away from this place if you want to be bedbug free!

The beds were very comfortable and I didnt see any bugs. However the rooms smelled like people have described bed bugs smelling & I woke up with bites on my legs each morning I stayed there. A few days after we left my friend had bites start popping up on her legs and back. I got online and read reviews about the hotel and many people had also complained about beg bugs. The other people that had reviews on the hotel said they had actually seen the bugs and woke up with bites.
I read that the b

ites can take up to 14 days to show for some people.

It was a fun trip, but knowing there were bugs snacking on me freaks me out!

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