Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Main Gate to Universal Orlando
5905 S Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL 32819

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We stayed at this hotel for 2 nights, February 1st and 2nd. It is the only time we have spent the night in a hotel in 2 years. When we came home we unpacked and stored our bags under our bed. We are now exterminating bed bugs from our bed. When we stayed at the hotel, we were meeting family there, and the front desk tried to put our room next to our family, who had already checked in. But the room was blocked off, but not reserved for anyone. The lady at the front desk couldn't see any rea

son why the room wasn't allowed to be used (in retrospect, I'm sure it was because they'd had a bedbug complaint for that room) so she unlocked it and put us in that room. This has been an absolute nightmare. I will never stay at this hotel again.

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I stayed at this hotel 12/4 - 12/6, 2012 in room 125. The very first night, after waking the morning, I discovered multiple bug bites over my body - especially my legs, arms and even on my face.

Horrified, I discovered that my face and arms and legs were swollen with large knots under the bites.

I called management and no one called back. I immediately left the hotel. It took 3 calls and speaking with 3 individuals to get another room - which they assured me would be taken care of.


er arriving for the 2nd night, the front desk knew nothing about being bitten by bed bugs and nothing about having another room. They did provide another room, but there was interest from management regarding my health.

Management never contacted me. I was only able to speak with the front desk clerks. They never asked if I needed anything, if I needed medical attention - NOTHING. The only thing they did offer was a free breakfast coupon. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Do not stay at this hotel. As CEO of an international organization, my letter to the CEO of Holiday Inn and to the Florida Dept. of Health is on its way.

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On October 11th 2012 we stayed in this hotel, room 1015. My mom and i were going to universal studios for Halloween. When we returned to the hotel my mom and I did what we thought was a thouro inspection of our beds and mattresses. We decided at that point we were safe to sleep. When my mom woke up the next morning she had a brown bug on her and when she squished it blood came out. At the time we didn't think anything of it since we only saw one. We headed back to our condo in new smyrna. That n

ight my mom noticed two small red bumps on her stomach. We then began to think bed bugs. We through all of our clothes away..and i mean everything, in fear that we would.bring something home to pa with us. Upon returning home on the 13th my mom called the hotel and asked for the director. He proceeded to explain that someone was on the room we stayed in at the tim and when they checked out he would look for the " bugs" he didn't seem concerned and said it was something that was happening in all hotels. He did call my mom back that day confirming his staff found another bug. My mom at that point demanded he get a professional exterminater in to check the entire room and send her a report confirming results. The director did so and said the exterminater found no other evidence of the "bugs" and asked my mom if we had been anywhere in the last week??? Implying we brought them to his hotel. My mom proceeded to ask him" okay if the room is in the all clear then what second bug did ur staff find" he said he didn't know due to the staff not saving the alleged bug. We have yet to see the professional report from the exterminater that so called checked the room. I still to this day Nov 6th 2012 am scared to sleep in my own bed in fear I brought them home. My mom already spend over 200 dollars on pest control methods as a precautionary measure. She has called the hotel numerous amounts of times with no call back and no report sent. I have written on this website before when we returned home only to find that my story hasn't been published. My next step is a lawyer.

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