Hawthorn Suites
6435 Westwood Blvd
Orlando, FL 32821-8025

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I stayed at this hotel from August 21 - 28, 2012 in room #325. It was a suite, I took the bed and by brother took the pull out sofa.

I slept in sweatpants everyday and a long sleeved shirt most days, and the bites in exposed areas didn't develop fully until a few days after I returned home. I had over 75 bites and had to throw out a lot of things in the end, including my suitcases.

When arriving at the hotel I didn't notice any obvious signs of bedbugs, and the hotel had been replacing th

eir mattresses via moving trucks from the time I arrived. In retrospect, I should have known, and upon later reflection there were some warning stains on the headboard. My suspicion is that my mattress may have had been recently replaced so there were little telltale signs, but they could have still been in the blankets!!

I called customer service and they said that upper management would respond to my report within one week via phone call. Not only did they never call, but I received a letter in the mail almost two weeks later. The letter (in a very politically correct way, of course) basically said that since the hotel was franchised I was piss out of luck. We received no compensation and horrible customer service.

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