Doubletree Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando
5780 Major Blvd, Fl 32819
Orlando, FL 32819-7904

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Stayed here the weekend of 10-3 and 10-4-2015 for a dance convention. Sunday morning woke up to a bedbug on my pillow. Checked the rest of the room and found more on the baseboards and one on the wall. I took video and pictures, showed the front desk. They were more surprised that I had pics and video then about the bedbugs they never denied that they were bed bugs. I was told that I would receive a full refund for the night that I stayed. I hope we never have to stay there again.

I stayed there September 14-15 2014. They moved me to two different rooms and I still woke up with bites. At first I thought they were ants so they moved me then I seen "ants" in that room too. Only I got bit in the second room. I showed one of the workers the bugs on the bed and they moved me. In the final room I looked but could not find any bugs. :) But I woke up with more bites. Could not sleep at all. The motel was good about trying to accommodate me but I think they need to fix this issue.

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My son and I stayed there on 8-11-14 to 8-14-14. I woke up the first night not feeling well so I went to the restroom and turned on the lights. I had a bug fall off of me onto the floor. I bent over to pick it up and it was a bedbug full of my blood. I quickly went out into the room and looked around under the bed skirt and found more bedbugs. I called the front desk and they came up and moved me to another room. I turned the bed skirts up on this room and there were more bedbugs. I calle

d he desk back and told them to just get me off the 4th floor all together. In the morning when I spoke to management, they of course told me that the pictures I had taken of the bugs were certainly not bedbugs. Yes they were, they are identical to the pictures of the flat red bugs you see on the internet. Stay away form this hotel. Shame on the Doubletree

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Stayed dec 26-27, found welt on arm jan 2 and six welts on my legs jan 3. Dumb and didn't check room. Stayed at two other hotels including postcard inn at holiday isle in the keys. Checked the other one, was a brand new room and mattress probably never used. Clean. Forgot to check postcard inn room. Not sure exactly where they came from.

does anyone know if their is anymore bed bugs in this hotel??

August 29 - 30, 2011

My daughter saw one bedbug just walking across her bed in the evening, which surprised me since I had checked out mattresses when we got into the room and they seemed fine. I caught it in a tissue and brought it to the front desk. They changed our room (gave us a free breakfast) and when I checked out the mattresses in the new room they also looked fine. But who knows.

Didn't notice any signs of bed bugs until I was itchy the following morning. Definitely have what look like bed bug bites on my back and side.

Found one bed bug on the bed skirt. Called management and they responded quickly but of course the bed bug had moved by the time they got there.When management was inspecting the room, they pointed to a DIFFERENT bug on the wall and asked if that had been what I saw. I said "no, but having 2 types if bugs in a room is unacceptable. They offered to move me to a suite and during the inspection of that room, I looked online and saw another person had reported bed bugs at this hotel in the past 2 we

eks. I left.

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Stayed Feb 14-16th. Room was clean.

I found bed bugs under my mattress. I stayed there Sept. 22-25.

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