Tropics Hotel
1550 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL

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nights of March 9, 10, 11 stayed in room 306 or 307. first night my uppr back felt itchy. second night in room my back and leg felt intensely itchy. Third night i jumped out of bed because i was awakened by intense itchiness on my buttocks and right upper arm. i could not see my back but i could see red blotches on my right arm that were itchy. i turned back the cover and found stains just below the pillow where my upper arm might have mashed one at exactly the same distance from pillow whe

re my upper arm rested as i slept. also found a dead bed bug in the my bed where my lower back and left hip area was itching ferociously. i was unable to lift the mattress to see if there were other bedbugs due to disability from fractures and muscle deterioration. i am 81. i got dressed, packed my bags and went down to the reception desk in lobby approx 12:20 pm or so. i told the concierge that there were bed bugs in my room. He didn't look surprised he told me he did not have another room for me because the hotel was fully booked. i asked him to help me wheel all my luggage bags i had put on my rolling walker. He did. he told me he could not call exterminator until after 6 a.m. i returned my room key to him and tried to rest in the lobby which was too noisy so i attemped to go into the pool area to rest on a padded lounge chair but he told me it was not allowed. i then requested a refund for the night i could not sleep at all. he refused. I left the hotel at 3:15 a.m. where i was picked up by car to airport exhausted by no more than an hour's sleep.

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Me and my 2 sisters booked a room in this hotel for 10 days.
We are really disappointed and regret that we booked since we had bed bugs in our room.
We stayed in room 310 and it was awful. The room was sultry my sisters were sleeping in the double bed and they got horrible big bites on their legs from the bed bugs. It was awful. We left the hotel after 6 days when we discovered the bites and the bed bugs on the bed. We talked to the manager and he was ignoring the problem and treated us very

badly, he refused to leave us any compensation for all the shopping we had done and now all the clothes were infected by bed bugs and we had to wash them in hot water.

I don't recommend this hotel to anyone!!!! It is sloppy and awful!!

The dates we booked the hotel was from December 17-27 2013

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