The South Beach Hostel
235 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Found 3 reports:

February 2013: A girl appeared in the reception of the hostel with enormous bites all over her body!! sooo disgusting poor girl! definetly some kind of bug!!
Some days later some guys alert us of some gigantic cockroachs and lizards that were in the kitchen!! Not a place that i would return and i wouldn't recommend it at all!!

January 2013, definetly bedbugs!

July 2005 - I do not recall the hotel room, but I was definitely bitten by bedbugs in a 6-person male dormitory room (bunkbed-style) here in July 2005. I think it was on the second floor. Perhaps the problem has been solved since then, but I doubt they have tented and fumigated this entire building at the South Beach Hostel.

No nearby bug reports