The Sagamore A Thompson Hotel
1671 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-3136

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I stayed at the Sagamore hotel in Rm 609 from March 7-13th 2011 with a friend. On March 9th we awoke with bites on our legs. My bites appeared to look like mosquito bites but when my friend noticed a row of three bites on her leg we got alarmed and searched the room. We continued to search the room for the rest of our stay but found nothing. After coming home & reading the reports on this page I am almost certain we were bitten by bed bugs. We noticed a huge difference in the hotel from the

year before and we will certainly never stay there again. Not what one would expect from a luxury boutique hotel!!!

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I was at this hotel in May of 2008 and suffered from bed bug bites during my weekend here. When I got home to New York the bites got worse and worse, I know for a fact that I got bed bugs from this hotel and brought them home with me. They are known to travel in luggage, and it was my mistake to put the luggage next to the bed. I had a bed bug infestation after 2 months time in my apartment. I had bed bugs before bed bugs were even a problem anywhere, but I fortunately knew about them from a

NYTimes article I read about them years ago. After many exterminations by specialists and dry cleaning everything I own, I got rid of them.

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While at the Sagamore from Jan. 30 to Feb. 2, 2011 (room 515), I noticed itchy, red marks on my legs and arms when I awoke. My husband also had signs of irritation on his back, legs and arms, but it was much milder than my irritation. After two nights, I went to the desk to ask about them the condition. I come from an area of the world where there are no bed bugs but was wondering if this might be the source of the problem. They said they inspected our room and found no evidence of bed bugs. Upo

n arrival at home, I researched what bed bug bites look like and they are identical to what I had. Although I have no proof that bed bugs were the source of my skin irritation, after my research I feel confident that this was the source of the problem.

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