South Beach Plaza Villas
1401 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-4103

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We checked in on July 26, 2012. We were given room 111. Since the whole bed bug scare, we always check our bedding before we lay down, but have never experienced what we found. Long story short, we found beg bugs on the bed, mattress, box spring etc. We notified the front desk. He asked us to go back to our room and he would send someone from housekeeping. Two members from the housekeeping staff arrived and said that they weren't bed bugs, but termites, the jury is still out on that one. No matt

er what they were, that should NOT be on the bedding! We requested another room. We were given a room on the 3rd floor which had the same problem. Since we were inconvenienced for about 2 hours waiting on the clerk to find another room, we requested that he upgrade us to a better room. He said he didn't have any upgrades and moved us to a 3rd room which happened  to be smaller than our first room. We complained and he magically upgraded us to room 246, a villa, which he initially said was unavailable. We were skeptical of what we would find in that room, but we're lucky to not find bugs in the 4th room, instead we found 2 condom wrappers and a dirty bikini bottom under the bed. This hotel clearly has an infestation if the same types of bugs, which I still think were bed bugs, were found in more than one room. The vacation was ruined and it was difficult to find other hotel accommodations in a 4 star without paying at least $400+ a night.

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Bed bugs infestation is a prevalent problem in the state of Florida as well as New York and other regions. Unfortunately bed bugs show no bias towards hotel types or star ratings. In fact, some of the most prestigious hotels have been affected with bed bugs. Any problems that we have had with bed bugs in the past have been rigorously addressed by one of the best pest control companies in Miami. Please note that bed bugs are not generated in hotels, they are brought to hotels. There is no telling

who brings them or when they will surface. If you travel frequently, especially in Europe there is a high possibility that your luggage could have transported the very same bed bugs that affect you in your hotel room. Those are the facts. The hotel have been very assertive in purchasing bed bug resistant mattress covers and we are in the process of covering our mattresses.

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***I think the address is 1411 Collins correct the address stated above***
I as well have stayed at the South Beach Plaza Villas in Miami Beach, FL. On the website home page ( you will find that the web states: "A little adventure and whimsy at the South Beach Plaza Villas is something you can also expect. We have surprises in store for you!" AND SURPRISES ARE SURE WHAT THEY SPECIALIZE IN...BED BUGS!!!! Ok my mini getaway vacation was going great!

!! I checkied in to hotel everything was great(room 214)!! I enjoyed the location and my getaway was complete,so I thought. When i went to room for the night, I had a great nite sleep until I was woke up by my friend who was itching and scratching. She looked very uncomfortable and got out of bed and discovered the hotels "surprise that they had in store for us". Her bed as well as mine was covered in BED BUGS!!!! With this being my first experience witnessing BED BUGS in action i was DELIRIOUS!!! I literally had an anxiety attact!!!!! All I could do at that moment was take all of my clothes off and shake them out!! I quickly got dressed, packed my bags and went to Check out(time was 5AM). I recommend if would like a good time and not in for "surprises" take your time and money else where!!! Because you know if 1 Room has bed bugs other rooms in this hotel have it as well!!!!

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A friend and myself was on vacation in Miami, Fl On 4/16/10. We previously found a great deal on a room for one night at the Beach Plaza Villas through When we got there we were upgraded to room 214, cause our original room was not ready for check in. We we got to the room we thought that everything was great! Well after a long fun day of activities on the beach, we went to bed around 2:30 in the morning on 4/17/10. At 4:45 that night I woke up itching and at the same time my fri

end had woke up to use the rest room I asked her if she could please turn on the room light on her way to the rest room, when she turn on the light I looked in the bed to see if there was any insects, and there on my pillow was a bed bug... I pulled back the comforter and sheets and there was more of those bed bugs crawling around. When my friend had came from out the rest room I showed her the insects we proceeded to look in the next bed she too had bed bugs on her pillow as well as the covers once we pulled them back. In a panic we grabbed our luggage and got out the room and went to the front desk to check-out and and demand for our money back. The gentlemen at the front desk apologized for our inconvenience and told us that we would have to contact the store manager/owner who would not be in until 9:30 - 10:00 am. So later that morning when we called and tried to contact the manager the attendant whom answered the phone at the front desk at first stated that they called an exterminator and did not see anything, I asked how was he able to get an exterminator that early in the morning (9:30) when he had just got in at 9:15 (we had called at ~8:45 to see if by chance the manager was there yet) then he explained that it was nothing they could do until the manager was contacted. I asked could I have a number for the manager or could he contact the manager and the front desk clerk explained then that the manager does not work on weekends and we would have to contact the hotel manager again on Monday morning and at that point it would be up to the manager after we fill out a complaint if we would be able to receive a refund or not.

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