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I was staying with my husband at the Setai in Spring 2010 with my husband through an upgrade on the American Express platinum program. although the hotel is very beautiful and the staff is extremely courteous, the beds are unusual and the sheet only covers a pillow top over the mattress. I woke up with a large bite on my right leg and there was a bit of blood on the sheet. I reported it to staff upon departure and the denied ever having an incident in the hotel.

I was staying there with my boyfriend for new years 2010. Stared getting a few bites that were lined up 3 in a row. Very itchy and took a very long time to go away. I didn't see any bugs and never had an experience with them before in my life. After I got home, I kept on getting the bites, but never found any bugs. I got sprayed twice so far, bought cedar oil treatment, climbup bed leg plates and was still getting bites. Recently I found a huge infestation and have another spray scheduled next w

eek, in the meanwhile, I am using diatomaceous earth powder on all kinds of surfaces, cracks, furniture and the perimeters of the rooms. Of course all that along with laundry and other methods for cleaning to get rid of the bugs. I hope to win this war soon.

What is sad is that even at the hotel where you pay 3500/night you get to share your room with these awful creatures who then infest your own place...

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