Parisian Hotel
1501 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-3110

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I stayed in the Parisian Hotel from 03/14 - 03/15 in room number 3.

I was bitten 12 times on my neck, arms and legs last night and woke up with a terrible itch. I was able to catch one bug alive before I checked out and I one dead (I must have killed it during my sleep as there was blood all over the pillow). When checking out I showed the bug to a receptionist named Adam who confirmed that this is indeed a bed bug. He then went on to say that even though I was bitten all over my body,that t

hey will not give me a refund nor a reduction (I paid USĀ§ 123,-- for this basic room). I now have to special clean all my (potenitally) infested clothes plus I had to buy an antihistamine spray to deal with the horrible itching the bug bites caused. On top of that, I just found out that some of the people who posted here must have stayed in the same room as I have (number 3), and that room seems to be terribly infested as 12 bites in one night must have been caused by more than 2 bugs.

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i stayed here on 9/3-9/5 2010 and left with bites all over my legs.

the place is a dump. i'm ok with that. i was even ok with the paper thin towels, terrible shower, dirty room, and constant banging. but leaving with over 18 bites on my legs was the last straw. i would never stay here again.

I stayed with a friend here May 2009, from March 25th-March 30th, we stayed in room number 3. Imagine my disgust when I found this site and saw that they were in the next room as well. I was bit, but my friend was not. We contacted the front desk people, they claimed it was ants but they transferred our rooms. The itching and bites along my chin, hands, and feet only intesified throughout the day. I went back and a manager was there on duty, but he said he would speak with me later. I went to CV

S purchased some bed bug spray, washed all of my clothes at a local laundromat as well as my luggage (thankfully it was a small carry-on) hoping to get prevent me transferring any home.

To make a long story short, don't expect help from the people on the desk, management, Miami police, or the Health Department, you have to contact the Better Business Bureau and report the incident.

I checked on-line and appearantly they have been cited several times, and always seem to pass inspection.

WHo knows how they stay in business with some many negative citations filed with BBB, don't stay here.

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We stayed in room #4 for one night on 2/21/09. 3 people, 2 beds. We started itching the following evening but did not recognize the cause. I had about 15 bites, my boyfriend had 2 but our friend who slept in the other bed had a couple hundred. We stayed in no other hotels as this was just an overnight trip from our homes in Key West. Our friends doctor said it was the most bites he had ever seen. Hotel did not respond so am disputing charge through my credit card company. I had no idea that this

could occur. Have read much on the subject since this happened and the news is alarming. I will carefully check hotel rooms from now on.

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