Loews Miami Beach Hotel
1601 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Well I was not going to post anything as being bitten by bed bug is extremely gross. After confidentially reporting that I was seen by my doctor for being bitten by bed bugs and I did not want it to happen to anyone else. I had what I though was an unusual rash possibly do to the laundry at the hotel or something but it was on one side of my body which puzzled me. I was told after examination that was bitten by BED BUGS at my fancy hotel. The hotel said they take these matters serious but found

nothing and there was a "No way" a Doctor could diagnosis I was bitten by bed bugs like I was making it up. It's a week later and I am still miserable looking at all the bites and now to have some idiot tell me it wasn't possible. SMH never again Loews Miami Beach.

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05/17/2015 - Stayed there for 4 nights with my wife, Had a couple of bites at the time but thought it was from being outside for our events. took them home in our luggage and got a minor infestation at our house. Cost over $500

Thanks Loews!!

Did not notice bites there but took them home with me from there resulting in an infestation with many bites disgust and inconvience.

On June 12, 2014 I stayed at The Loews hotel in south beach and woke up in the night with bites and itching . Went to hotel manager and they did nothing. Went to doctors and they confirmed bed bug bites. I had to change my flight and fly out 5 days early and they did refund any money. I threw all my luggage and clothes and contents away before coming home so i insured it would not come with me. The hotel was awful before i told them about the bed bug bites....but after they were completely

denying everything. They sent some housekeeping up to clean and said they would have to investigate and would let me know in 2 weeks but they do have a serious problem there and you should not stay there Ever!

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My husband and I stayed here from Dec 12 - 18 2013. When we got home I began to notice bug bites showing up all over my legs and arms. We did not go on the beach and didn't stay anywhere else so the bites had to come from the hotel. While looking into on the net I came across a man that had stayed in the same room the week before and he too had bed bug bites. On his report the hotel said they looked into it and found nothing but I am covered in bites.

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