James Hotel
1680 James Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-3115

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Several bed bugs, I had bites all over my body. When I went to the owner to complain and tell him I wanted a refund to leave to a different hotel, he was extremely rude, didn't care about my complain at all and refused to give me my money back. He pretty much insulted me during my vacation! He was so rude and ridiculous, almost threaten me. I was visiting from a different country so I wasn't sure if I should have called the police or the health department. They changed me into a different room j

ust to find out it was filled with bed bugs as well. Now I'm terrified of bringing those bed bugs home. I really hope the owner gets fined or has an inspection from the health department. This place should be shut down completely until it is free of bugs.
Miami Beach, james Hotel. February 2015

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June 2, 2014

Found 2 bed bugs as I slept. Have 4 welts on my exposed skin of arms and neck. Killed two bed bugs upon viewing/inspecting bedding. Blood stains on pillow case substantiate that they recently fed on me.

Several bed bugs found in March 2010, with many more dead ones also. Many living in bed frames. Manager denied refund and only returned money for remainder of stay and then I thankfully left!

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