Hotel Astor
956 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL

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My friend and I took a vacation last year beginning of June 2015. This place was recommended to us by a group of friends who stayed there the previous year and said they loved it. We decided to book this hotel during our stay in Miami- from what I remember it ranged around the $200- $250 a night for the room. When we arrived at the hotel around 8am we had such little sleep and were completely exhausted and asked for a possible early check in time. They were unable to do anything until a little l

ater. By 12pm (check in was 3pm) we checked back and they said they would work something out for us- which was nice of them. After checking in with the woman at the front desk we were walked down to our room.... through a beautiful hallway, first floor with rooms where other guests were staying. When we get to the end of the hallway a man walks us in through a door that has a stairway and basically looked like it was leading you down to a garage of some sort. It was an outdoor, closed stairway and to the very right of that stairway was none other than the room we were led to for our stay…. This was a little strange to me but given that I was at the point of hallucination from a lack of sleep I figured I wouldn’t question anything- I just needed sleep!! Besides, this place was a recommendation through a friend and seemed to be very nice, safe and professional- so I didn’t think much of it. We walk through the doorway to a nice bedroom with 2 king or queen sized beds, clean… comfortable. We set down our suitcases and were ready to get to bed.
A couple things that stood out were the fact that the shower has this jerking thing going and made a screeching sound for like a full minute while the water was on, the door to the restroom didn’t have a knob so you have to actually pull the lock to get yourself out of there (which hurt) and the door kept getting jammed because it wasn’t aligned properly. At one point my friend got locked in the bathroom for a minute until she managed to get herself out. Next, the room had two huge windows that opened, and I mean FULLY opened to a view that was basically the alleyway between the hotel and another building with some trash cans (if you looked down). There were also windows that (if someone was in that building- which I’m assuming there was) could see everything. Keep in mind that we were on the first floor. For two young women who are traveling this was the most unsafe situation- especially since we were down the hall in this neglected room. It basically seemed like it was a room that was used for storage that was later decided to be turned into a room for guests to occupy. Well, nonetheless we were excited about the vacation and wanted little to do with complaining or starting any sort of drama so we sucked it up and had a good ol’ time!
Well, the real nightmare began about 2 nights in… I discovered red bumps on my legs- but I mean ALL over my legs. Now, I’m from California so I know that summer time usually means mosquito bites so I figured it was the same thing out here… but the thing that struck me was that it was maybe 8 bites on EACH leg (lower part of my leg only). They were pretty big and ITCHY like you wouldn’t believe, but again I wrote it off as mosquito bites and went on with my day. By the last day I was COVERED in bites I couldn’t even focus or think about anything because I was itching NON STOP! My friend had a couple on her arms and legs but I was completely covered. We ended up checking out and going to a nearby pharmacy to see if I could get some itch cream for mosquito bites… I got some sort of nasty white cream that kept drying and flaking everywhere on my clothes and basically everywhere I went. The humidity and heat in Miami didn’t make the situation better so I was continuously itching my skin until it was raw. We got on the flight and I was still itching, couldn’t think straight and kept pouring this disgusting mess of a cream all over my limbs. Anyway, I got back home and a few days later my younger sister is itching her legs and stomach. She showed me and I thought it was strange but thought, once again it’s probably mosquito bites.
So, for a whole month we’re itching nonstop- my sister and I and I cannot figure out what is going on!! I see no mosquitos anywhere in the house and when I did see 1 there was no WAY he was attacking us like this…. Well, one night I’m in bed and just scrolling through my phone- it’s dark (lights are out) and the light from my screen shines on a little tiny bug crawling a couple inches from my pillow…. I was so curious I thought it was a little ant of bug (I couldn’t see too well) and smashed it… I had white sheets on my bed and I noticed that when I smushed it, the color was red…. (Indicated to me that it was some sort of blood sucking bug)…I JUMP out of bed at this point, turn the lights on, lift my blanket and…. Another one walking right under my blanket!!! I covered him in a cup quickly and observed- it was a bed bug! I have never seen such a thing before but quickly googled a bed bug and realized that’s what I’ve been dealing with since my trip to Miami and my stay at this filthy storage unit of a “hotel room” the Astor offered us! I was so angry!
Well, long story short I dealt with this for almost 3 months in total, spent close to $1,500 removing them with Terminix and purchasing other tools and items that will help keep them out, had to take apart my brand new bed frame (because they live in wood and in tiny cracks), photos hanging on the wall, entire closets (3 bedrooms total), bathroom, take out every little item sitting on my shelves, books, jewelry, makeup, paperwork. All those clothes had to be put in the dryer, put into trash bags, sit them down for 2-3 days to enclose the bugs and ensure they don’t come out and die from the heat inside the bag. Take them out, refold them and put everything back in a 2 story home. The anger, labor, agony, suffering, aggravation I went through was one of the worst things I experienced. They sprayed my room with chemicals that made you choke if you smelled it, I was paranoid at every little dot I saw, had to sleep on the living room (which could have also been contaminated)! I was a complete mess, I cried at one point from the frustration of having to completely take everything apart. Terminix (and further research) explained that they may not go away, they lay eggs in small crevices and can suddenly hatch and start coming out again- they had a 90 day guarantee but sometimes these bugs can occupy a home for a couple years since they’re so hard to find- the could be ANYWHERE!! You go on a fun vacation to unwind and here I was dealing with the financial strain and physical exhaustion of taking apart the house and itching nonstop!!! When I thought about it I realized they put us in the piece of **** room to shut us up and get us into a room as soon as they could. It was a rejected room (obviously) and had not been occupied (in my opinion) for a very long time- like a backup. We got stuck with it and got to bring home quite a unique souvenir- BED BUGS!
Do NOT stay at this hotel unless you’re eager to come back with the same! I’m sure some people had quite a pleasant experience, and I wish I could say the same but after the hell I experienced over summer unfortunately, I can’t. This establishment should take it upon themselves to accommodate their guests’ requests EQUALLY! Not throw us in some s**tty reject room just to shut us up! I would’ve appreciated it more if they flat told us we don’t have anything until 3pm- because that’s what I expected ANYWAY! I will be reaching out to the hotel in hopes of some sort of apology and compensation for the crap I dealt with last summer- will post an update as soon as I hear back!

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There are bedbugs in this hotel, they wont do anything about it!!!!

My fiance and I stayed in this hotel on july 20, 2012. We awoke at 6am both itching uncontrolably and found we were covered in bed bug bites. When we told the man at the front desk, he shrugged and said "its a hotel, it happens". Do NOT stay here.

I stayed at Hotel Astor June 25, 2011 - room 309. When I returned home after checking out on June 26, I found that I was covered in bed bug bites. I called the hotel to report the infestation issue but have had no response from them. I have called three times but they have never been able to locate a manager. I have no indication that Hotel Astor plans to address their infestation problem.

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