Haddon Hall Hotel
1500 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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On 2-20-14 II checked in to this hotel and as soon as I got settled in I went to lay down and saw that the mattress had tiny bugs crawling which was bed bugs I checked out n got my money back that place is nasty never again!!

Stayed in room 337 from October 11-14. I noticed I had small bites on my arms the last morning I woke up. As the day went on I started getting more up and down my arms. Its been exactly a week and I have bites literally from my forehead to my toes and in between. I have never experienced anything like this. This was my 4th time to Miami but first staying in South Beach. I will not being coming back to this hotel.

I spent last weekend in room 314 of the this hotel. On my last day I noticed that I had a few red bumps. I didn't think too much of it, but a few days later the bumps had spread all over my body. I just saw a dermatologist and he said that the bumps are definitely from bedbugs, and he recommended me to this website.

I stayed room 212 at haddon hall hotel on 12/30/10. It was my first hotel that I stayed in Florida for travel. And now I have small bite all over my shoulders, arms and legs. They are so red and I tickle all over body. I took pictures them as evidence just before. I want to sue for this situation. If there is anyone can help me, please contact me "[email protected]" thank you

I was in Miami for Art Basel from Thursday December 2nd through Monday morning, December 6th and got bedbugs from room 211 or 212. I am certain I got bedbugs in Miami and not at home because I remember noticing what I thought was a mosquito bite on my hand and shoulder when I was towards the middle/end of my trip in Miami. And a weird redder mark on my leg. Now I have small bites all over both legs, my shoulders, and hands. They aren't as red on my hands or shoulders but look almost like small c

hicken pox on my leg. Most are in clusters of 3 or 4 bites--a sure sign of bedbugs.

I just combed through Trip Advisor and a reviewer from May complains about seeing bed bugs under the mattress. Revolting that they haven't taken care of the issue.

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