Courtyard-Miami South Beach
1530 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-7801

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I checked into the Marriot September 17,2015 and my check out was September 20,2015. My first night stay a friend had been complaining she was itchy and we paid no mind. 2 night stay my friend went to lay down where she noticed a bug crowning across as her pillow. She swat the bug to the floor where it began to crawl up the wall. I couldn't think of any type of bug that would be crawling on a pillow/ bed so I google bed bug and sure enough got the same description I had just witnessed crawling u

p the wall. I was disgusted n could only imagine bringing those bugs home because the destroy everything! I notified the front desk, operation manager wasn't in until 9am. My friends n I was placed into another room where we shook out our entire suit cases n made an early check out.

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I stayed at this hotel in September of 2008 for a nearby conference at the Royal Palm Hotel. This was a few years ago, but I remember the experience like it was yesterday. I woke up in the morning to an itch on my legs. I had a few bites, but just figured it was mosquitos since I am from Miami as well (and know how pesky mosquitos can be). After getting out of bed and looking at the area where I slept, I found a small dead bug and blood right next to it. I then flipped my pillow and found a smal

l bug crawling across the pillow.

Since at the time I was an employee of another Marriott, I did not make a big deal about this at all. I very quietly went down to the front desk and let the girls know and asked that they please change my sheets. The girls acted incredibly disgusted and surprised and sent someone right away.

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