Cavalier Hotel on Ocean Drive
1320 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139-4210

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A month ago my sister and I stayed here in room 208. I woke up the morning after the one and only night we stayed there and we were both victims of what I knew immediately to be bed bugs!! I treated and washed all my luggage upon arriving home but now have found that the bed bugs from this hotel have followed me home! Eggs of bed bugs take 3 weeks to hatch and exactly 3 weeks after my trip the bites have begun.
Professional treatments not to mention the emotional distress have costed MUCH more

the what I payed for my one night stay at Cavalier hotel.
Please... NEVER, EVER stay here!

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Bed bug infestation in room 206. My wife is covered in bites!

The first night there we stayed in room 206. My friend was bit by bed bugs on her hand and legs. The bites were so bad on her hand that she had cellulitis(infection of the skin) and we have to take her to the doctor. The doctor prescribed her antibiotics which she has to take four times a day for 10 days. They hotel staff changed our room which was worst than the first room. The manager did refund us our first night stay however that does not cover the amount of money we spent for the doctor and


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My husband and I stayed at the Cavalier Hotel in South Beach (13th & Ocean) on the 3rd floor and our room was infested with bedbugs.
We came in late from the club, about 2AM or so, and he went to get on the bed. As he fluffed his pillow, I saw something black crawling on the under side. I told him to get up immediately because I saw something. When he got up, we turned over his pillow and were stunned to see many of them in all stages (clear- no meal yet, red- recent meal, brown- meal with

in the last few day/weeks, black- meal quite some time ago. They were crawling on the back of the pillow, the bed where the pillow was and then when we pulled back the sheets even there. I was mortified and by then crying hysterically. My husband went to the front desk immediately and they gave us a new room on the first floor.
Upon check-out we never got and apology or even a complimentary night for our troubles. We will never stay at the Cavalier again!

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