Aqua Hotel
1530 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-3111

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We stayed in Hotel Aqua April 9 th 2012 till April 12 th 2012 and already after the first night had multiple bites all over the body. We changed the room and after one night we had even more bites because we didn't understand to sanitize the luggage. After that we were offered to change to the sisterhotel which we did but our asks to sanitize the luggage was ignored. Therefore the problem continued also in the new hotel. The problem seems to be ignored and also not fully understood because the s

anitizing ment for them wiping the luggage with alcohol. It was also impossible to talk to manager and it seems to be impossible to do anything without her order.

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We stayed for two nights at the beginning of April 2011. Our room had huge bed bugs (yes, they were so big we didn't even realize that they acctually were bed bugs at first) we both got badly bitten and had disgusting blood smears in our beds. When we realized it was bed bugs and notified front desk they moved us to another hotel. When we wanted reimbursement for the day we had to spend sanitizing our clothes and suitcases they ignored us. It seemed like they were aware of the problem but still

let people stay in those rooms. So mean and irresponsible!

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While staying in room 105 between March 22-26, 2011 at Aqua Hotel, my friend noticed the bed bug bites on his arms and hands. When I arrived home, I also noticed similar bites on my arms, hands and even on my torso. I had my physician take a look at the spots, and my suspicion was confirmed. Definitely bed bug bites.

I do not think that the sheets were ever changed. There was a small yellowish spot on one of the fitted sheet corners, which I observed every time I moved my pillow to sleep


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