York Inn of Melbourne
4455 W New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL

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Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel Needs to be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

Felt things crawling on me but assumed it was just my own hair tickling me. Fell asleep, woke up staring at a bug. EWW! Then I saw another. Then I moved my pillow and saw three more. Then I started screaming "Oh my god! Oh my god, bugs!" Then my family and I left and went and slept in our car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. They couldn't refund the charge on our credit card right then, but they contacted us the next day and said that it was taken care of and that the room was being treated.

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