Marco Island Marriott Resort Golf Club and Spa
400 S Collier Blvd
Marco Island, FL

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My boyfriend and I were here for the century 21 real estate conference and were eaten alive in our bed. They are all over my behind and all over our feet. The manager of the maid service came up and said he found no signs of bed bugs but we both saw spots of blood and excrement from the bugs in our bed. He basically said that if we were anywhere near the beach, we could have been bitten by sand fleas but neither one of us have laid on the sand or on the beach. We were here for a conference, whic

h didn't leave a lot of time for frolicking amongst the beach. We requested to switch rooms but they were giving us pushback because they don't want them spreading. I would attach photos if I could. They look terrible!! I am a gold member here with Marriott and have never had this issue before, but I am appalled.

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I was a guest at this hotel from October 26-November 3 and I am literally covered in bites. We had to throw away four suitcases, separate and bag all of our clothes in the garage put the plastic bags in the driveway and bring the in one at a time for washing and drying in extremely hot water and dryer. This is a HUGE problem! We were in suite 229 and 227.

Stayed 1 Night, room 927, 9/23 -9/24/11, woke up with red spots on tops of feet and along ankles. Noticed more on tops of hands and up forearm, as well as along jawline while on plane back to Chicago. By next morning spots were now raised itchy bumps. Filed report with hotel on 9/25/11. Symptoms dissipating, but still not completely resolved as of today, Oct. 1.

I was a guest from Oct 30 - Nov 4

Noticed bumps during my stay at the hotel.

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