Vacation Village at Parkway
2949 Arabian Nights Blvd
Kissimmee, FL

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We stayed here June 2012 for a week for my daughters birthday at Disney. My husband woke up the second night of our stay with a rash and bites on his feet and lower legs. At first, I did a quick look, didn't see anything. The next night, he was attacked again. I called the front desk who hours later sent someone up hours later to spray. Well, they told me "silverfish". It was not silverfish. His foot actually had mild scaring from the endeavor. I DONT CARE HOW NICE IT LOOKS; watch

yourself. Nothing in the means of resolve after that. I will never stay there again.

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Checked in at Vacation Village on 10/5/14 into building 19, room 305, Both A and C (was supposed to stay till 10/11/14 but got the heck outta there!). On 10/7/14 saw bed bug crawling on sheet while my wife was asleep. Immediately woke her and inspected sheets/pillows, found several more bed bugs under her pillow, and under mattress. We were in unit A, went to my mother and kids unit (C), and woke them and inspected and found Bed bug very visible in pillow case. Took pictures and video and con

tacted management. Management did assign us a new room on first floor, but offered no assistance helping us move at 2am (also didn't offer to refund resort fee). Management said they had to "investigate" first. Even though I have plenty of pictures and video, and left a couple dead bed bugs in a napkin for them to see. We were not happy about how nonchalant they were about the issue and decided to check out and go elsewhere. The new place we went to was so empathetic to how Vacation Village treated us, that they offered us a free Night, since we lost one trying to be happy at Vacation Village. And they offered great assistance in moving us.

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@CK.. I will also be staying at this resort in Oct 2013. I would really appreciate anyone who knows if they still have bedbugs or has the problem been corrected. I may have to cancel this reservation if this is issue has not been corrected.

Just wondering if all this bedbug reporting has been taken care of? I will be visiting here in October and dont want to be worring about bedbugs. It looks like a really nice place so I hope I can tell all my friends about the awesome experience I'm hoping to have.

Wish I had found this website before I booked at Vacation Village at Parkway. We stayed from 5/13-5/19/2013 in building 12, 7th floor. I woke up itching with a dozen or so bed bugs on my abdomen, flank, thigh, hip, shoulder area. I also found the telltale blood stains on the bed sheets and a bed bug in the bed. I also am an RN and know what bed bug bites look like. The desk manager offered to move us to another unit but said we should launder all of our clothes so they would not be transferred t

o the next unit. This resulted in a lost day of vacation. The building manager came to the unit, and of course denied there were bed bugs in the unit. I reported this to RCI who I did the condo exchange with, and they also did nothing, stating it was not their responsibility

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My friends and I stayed at this resort from 9/14/2012-9/18/2012 in unit 15-203 AB. My friend and I were bit by bed bugs on the 15th of Sept. I found two bed bugs crawling on the bed. The next day both our arms and our faces were filled with bites. We have at least 20 bites each. Although I did not want this to ruin our vacation it did put a very big damper on it.

My friend & I stayed @ Vacation Village 5/24-5/30/11 unit 14-103A {my Timeshare trade}, I instantly became bitten up. My friend only a few bites. I am a RN, I knew the bites were bed bugs. We arrived home yesterday. My luggage is in my trunk until I can get to the laundramat. The vacation was wonderful except for the bites.

Still itching in NY!

We stayed a week during November 2010. We did not see evidence of any bed bugs, but developed bites about 4 nights into our stay. It was confirmed upon our return by our doctor that these were bites, most likely bed bug. I had quite a bad reaction. The management changed our room imediately upon request.

We stayed At Vacation Village at Parkway in Unit 4302 from November 12 to November 19th. We noticed our sheets had a bug on it with some blood stains but we just changed them ourselves. Upon our return back both my husband and I broke out into a rash. We were in the unit with the king size bed. Our children appear to be fine but it looks like both of us were bitten by bed bugs.

I have a timeshare here and I stayed with my daughter, son in law and 4 grandchildren in Apartment 4302 from October 16 to October 23 2010. We had a fantastic holiday. When we got home, my daughter, son in law and youngest grandson, who had slept in the huge bed in the largest of the 2 units, were covered in bed bug bites which manifested themselves a few days after our return to the UK.
I did ring the resort to tell them and hopefully they took it on board but I just wish to record this as I w

ould imageine, if the resort does not take the matter very seriously, many future holidays could be spoilt needlessly.

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