Star Island Resort & Club
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Kissimmee, FL 34746

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Room #2561 the mattress was totally infested.
Arrival date was 5/23/12 trough to 5/28/12. Within a day or 2 bites were noticed on my arm.
Then more & more bites flared up on my skin, all over mny body. I was told by a relative they were bedbug bites. It was reported to management. We moved out of that room & they attempted to do all they could to care for our personal things along with some compensation. Once I was home the antigens in my body created such an allergic reaction that the bites

were inflamed, hot & the itching was beyond waht can be explained. I went to a dermatologist I received a cortisone injection & a topical medicated prescription. 24 hrs later I had to go to the Emergency Room due to the severity of the allergic reaction from the bites, I was put on oral prednisone with 50mg of Benadryl every 4-6 hrs. 10 days later & I'm just beginning to have a reduction in the itching.
This has been my worst nightmare.

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