Radisson Resort Orlando Celebration
2900 Parkway Blvd
Kissimmee, FL

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July 4th, 2015. My daughter woke upin the morning with a bug crawlingon her pillow. Upon closer inspection it turns out that it was a bed bug. I took photos and let the manager know. They said they will talk to the pest control specialist.


Wanted to surprise my wife with a quick weekend away, and found a good deal on Groupon. We checked in and went straight to the room. We laid down straight away looking on our phones for a place to eat lunch. Within five minutes I noticed a small black bug crawling on top of the comforter. I quickly scooped the bug up in the hotel glass grabbed our bags and ran out the door.

I stood at the front desk for several moments before anyone acknowledged me. I asked to speak with a manager,

and the attendant's response was "What for?" without any consideration, just annoyance. I quietly stated I have found bedbugs in my room, and sat the glass with the bug on the counter. She said "Hold on." and walked over to another attendant. They were not discussing my situation, but a separate issue altogether for about five minutes. At this time I was very frustrated and asked for a refund. She said they would cancel the reservation, but Groupon would have to issue the refund. She then asked me to take the glass away, stating "I don't want that!"

Groupon, thankfully, was great about issuing the refund. The customer service was friendly and helpful. The only downside was that the refund takes 5-7 days to be made. This cut our budget, so we had to return home without ever getting the weekend away.

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anayOh, where to begin...found small unidentifiable bugs (looked similar to tiny ants, not sure)This was day one. Killed the ones we saw. Day 2 and 3...more of the same small bugs crawling all over the countertop where the food is kept. Left a note and asked housekeeping to take care of it. Day 4...bugs still on same counter, and now I'm noticing them on the bathroom countertop where tootbrushes, hairbrushes and toiletries are left. (not the best place for bugs!) Talk to head of maintanenc

e. He said he'd spray the room down for us. (which had a funky odor to begin with!) Day 5...more bugs in all places, and now, I've found them on top of the a/c unit, and are crawling up the side if it, coming from a hole in the floor next to the wall. Demanded a new room. Brought us to a new one on a new floor only to discover that the air conditioner had leaked out about 5 ft into the floor. So, off to a new room we go, too smelly. Next room, they give us a key for and go in, and send my 10 yr old into the shower after swimming. The man carrying or bags comes and says, "That's not your room." Then procedes to bring us into another room. (My son had to run down the hall in a towel!) Next room seemed better AT NIGHT TIME! Wake up, notice that the comforter was completely dirty on all sides, and there was a gian spider web on the ceiling, and the edges all arooud the comforter was filthy. Anyway, not sure aout the whole bedbug thing, but these rooms are absolutely
dirty and housekeeping should be ashamed. We were offered free breakfast...never in a million years would I ever stay in this place again.

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We found SEVERAL BED BUGS on our bed!!!!!
Very disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So disappointed! Ruined our vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After checking, we noticed a small brown dot on the white sheets. upon further inspection, we found 4-5 bugs crawling on the edge of the bed.

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