Holiday Inn KEY LARGO
99701 Overseas Hwy
Key Largo, FL

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Stayed at this hotel Room 103 overnight April 27th 2013. My husband woke up about 1 am, itching from some bites. Then we started finding bedbugs, big ones and baby ones on both beds. Went down to the night manager and told him. He apologised, but said that there was nothing he could do as the hotel was full booked. We packed and left the hotel at 3am after giving some of the dead bugs in a plastic sleeve to the night manager and being assured that we would compensated for the night's accomm

odation through the 3rd party we had purchased the accommodation through. Of course, we have heard nothing since. Meanwhile the nasty bites (over 20) that my husband received have swollen his hands and legs and spoiled our holiday. As there was evidence of previous blood stains on the bedding, so it is hard to believe that they were not aware of this problem.
Extremely upset by this situation.

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Very sorry to say that yes my husband and I also suffered from bedbug bites here this is no joke and not a way to spend a vacation.The bites cause pain and scars..not to mention the terriable itching! Yuck not sure how I feel about ever visiting this area again

Stayed here one night 1/26/2013. I woke up with a small cluster of bites on me that I dismissed since my BF did not complain of any bites. However, by the time we got home he was COVERED with rows and clusters of itchy red bumps! Classic bed bud bite pattern!

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