Hampton Inn Jacksnvle Beach
1220 Marsh Landing Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL

Found 2 reports:

I made a report for this location when I encountered bedbugs, but that report seems to have vanished.

It was in January 2013,my husband and young daughter and I stayed here in order to be at a convenient location near Mayo for a medical procedure.

The 2nd night there, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I saw something crawling across the sheet. I turned the lights on, and saw about a dozen bedbugs crawling toward my daughter.

I bagged some for the manager to see, and he

moved us to another room. We left the next day, and he tried to charge us for the first night becaused "we only saw bedbugs the second night". After I got my credit card statement, it turned out we had
billed for the whole stay, which we contested and did not pay for.

see full report...

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. After brushing my teeth and coming back into the guest area I noticed an insect crawling in the bed I was just sleeping in. I then looked around the sheets and pillow and found 4 more. I was already grossed out so did not want to move the sheets anymore. I did however take a picture and reported the incident to the manager. He didn't think they were bed bugs, I suppose he is an entomologist on the side. Regardless, it was not a fun experience.


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