The Paramount Plaza Hotel and Suites
2900 Sw 13th St
Gainesville, FL
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Spent one night at this hotel while looking for an apartment near the University of Florida in the Summer of 2010.

I couldn't sleep because I felt like things were crawling on me. I thought it was in my head, but finally I took a close look on the sheets and found bed bugs. I checked out the other bed in the room and found bugs there too.

At about 2am I called the check-in counter to change change rooms. They told me to come by the counter they would give me another room. They gave m

e a room in a different building which was bed bug free.

I didn't have any bites the next morning, so I thought it wasn't too bad and didn't ask for a refund the next morning.

A week later bites turned up all over my body. I figured it was too late to ask for a refund, but definitely felt like I should have recieved one. The bites were not pleasant!

I figure the best I can do now is alert others, so that they do not have to go through the same experience at this hotel.

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