Red Roof Gainesville
3500 Sw 42nd St
Gainesville, FL 32608-2393

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My husband and I stayed in Room 331 at the Red Roof Inn just off I-75 (the Archer exit) in Gainesville, Florida, on Sat. night, June 4, 2010. The room seemed freshly painted and updated but soon after lights out, I began to itch. Turning on the lights for a quick look didn't alarm me as I saw nothing but at 3:30 I still was itching but felt nothin crawling on me. At 7:00 A.M., my husband spotted a bug crawling on the sheet. Upon investigation, we realized both beds in which we slept were infeste

d with nymphs as well as large bugs. Unfortunately, most were filled with our blood. We called for the manager, but the manager instead sent up a maintenance man wearing a rubber glove. He captured two specimen. Upon check-out, we were given an apology and our bill showed no charge for the night indicating we had bed bugs in our room. What disturbs me is that this motel has had these bugs before because closer scrutiny of our sheets showed brown blood stains from previous guests. We had never experienced bed bugs in all our years of travels,and upon seeing how large and evident they are, there is no way the maids had not been seeing these bugs in the beds in the mornings when they had been cleaning. We are reporting this motel to the Alachua County (FL) Health Dept. today!!! This has been a horrifying experience. I have all our clothing and luggage to treat today to keep from bringing these into our home.

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