Extended Stay America Gainesville - I-75
3600 Sw 42nd St
Gainesville, FL 32608-2394

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We went to Extended Stay America Gainsville I-75, 3600 SW 42nd st 32608, Gainsville on July 27, 2013. We arrived there at around 2pm and they said the rooms were clean but that they still needed to be "inspected" and that we can check in at 3pm. We came back at 3pm to check in and recieved the keys to our rooms. Upon arriving to the hotel we had already gotten a bad vibe from the place and did not feel safe. The hotel is one of those that has the doors on the outside and it had "questionable" pe

ople hanging around. Upon going inside the rooms, there was a noticable odor and the floors were dirty. The linens had hair on them, the kitchen utencils still had food stuck to them. That night after going to get something to eat, I come back to my room and there was a creepy guy sitting outside my window drinking beer using his laptop. I am a young female, in a room by myself. NOT FEELING SAFE. When I finally attempt to lay down and fall asleep, I open my eyes back up to see BUGS crawling on my bed. I have documented all of these things I am telling you in pictures and videos. I have BITES all over my body. I am also going to the hotel today to get a written statement from them stating that they in fact DO have the bed bugs and they will be paying for all cost that are incruued. I am still a week later dealing with this issue. I had to pay out of pocket to get all of my clothes treated at the cleaners after the hotel Manager Bill Barba specifically told me to take them and he would pay for it, give me cash even. Then when I bring the bill he refuses to pay and says that he will have to contact the companys insurance company for payment, meanwhile I had no clothes but what I was wearing so I had no choice but to pay out of pocket so that I would have something to wear. This has been a complete nightmare.

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