Resort Quest Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa
17260 Harbour Point Dr
Fort Myers, FL

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Bug bites all over my neck, arms and scalp. it's not good. don't stay here.

We slept in two separate queen beds in Sanibel tower on the 8th floor. The first morning both of us woke up with few bites on our legs. The second night we had additional bites. The third night all my legs and arms were covered with bites.
The management insisted the hotel does not have bed bugs but they offered some discount for the stay.

My biggest concern now is how to prevent my home from being infested in case bugs got into our suitcases.

We had bugs in our bed. They said it was becsyse the door was open. We had bites all over.

Returned home this week and have broken out in bedbug bites. Probably have 40-50 bites, many clustered together.

DO NOT STAY AT THIS MARRIOTT BECAUSE IT IS CONTAMINATED WITH BED BUGS!!! You can transport them home via luggage and never know it until your home is contaminated as well. I contacted management and they did an inspection of our room and it came back clean when there is no doubt in my mind that they were bed bugs. They don't dare commit to the problem because to decontaminate the hotel would be a massive undertaking, so they continue to tell guests that these bites are from no-seeums. Not only i

s this unethical but is immoral knowing how easily bed bugs can be transported and the health issues that they can cause.

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I stayed at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort in late Feb and early March for a conference. I woke up the first morning with clumps of bites on my neck, hands and arms, and they only got worse. A lot of my colleagues were also bitten. The mosquitoes were also bad there but those bites look entirely different, much larger and not in clumps. I've been home 2 days and I have new bites appearing so I am taking every precaution I can to make sure my home doesn't get infected. It was somewhat comfor

ting to read online that you might continue to see bumps appearing 9-10 days after being bitten, so I am really hoping these are still a result of the trip, and not something I brought home with me. This whole experience has been extremely upsetting.

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We stayed at this Marriott in late feb. 2012. After our first night there we woke up with bites all over our upper body. We know that they were bed bugs because of the linear bite marks. Upon arrival home we contacted the hotel and they in turn told us they were no-seums. These bed bugs can be very dangerous. If you are allergic to them they can cause Anaphylaxis - a very serious allergic reaction that can even cause death. They can also carry the Hepatitis B virus. These things are nothing to f

ool around with. If one room has them the entire hotel is contaminated. It is not the fault of the hotel that someone brought them in, but it is their responsibility to keep their guests safe and have this hotel decontaminated. I am surprised that it being a Marriott they are allowing it to continue.

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I stayed at the Marriott Sanibel Harbor resort 12/10 and 12/11. Woke up with 2 bites after sleeping the first night. Then woke up with 6 more bites the second night. They said it could be no see ums if we left our balcony door open. We did not and I found it too coincidental that I woke up with bites each morning when we also spent no time outside at night. They said they would look into it.

I was bitten by bed bugs while staying at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort in late October 2010. I stayed in a room on the 10th floor. While the room appeared clean, I woke up with a ring of bites around my neck and down both arms.

I have been itching and in a lot of discomfort for over one week now.

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