Sea Club Resort
619 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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My mom and I were staying at The Sea Club Resort at 12/23/08'-12/27/08'
The hotel did not looked dirty,but it had a funny smell.
After the first night my mom woke up at the morning coverd in blistery red bug bites.First we didn't know what was it,we thought it was an allergic reaction for something,so we went to the pharmcy and got some Benedryll-it did not help.
For the next morning it was itchyer, and more painful.It was terible!!!!
We went back to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist

if he knows what it is.We were thinking it is might chiken pox-because Benedryl did not help at all.After being exemined they said it is BED BUG's bite.Awful!!!
We went back to the hotel and tolled that at the front desk,they change our room,and said the manager will contact as and our stay is going to be on the house.What actually never happened!!!
After returnig to my home in Massachusetts I broke out in BED BUG's bite to!!!!(Mine wasn't that bad as hers,it looks like moqito bites,but I have almost a 100 of them....)
Four days later from living that awful place!

I've been trying to contact the manager,who havn't eaven appolagiesed to me to ruinning my vacation,not to mantion to give my money back or cover my expensis wich were related to that unfortunate event.
I'm really dissapointed about the costomer care of this hotel!
I had to throw out my lugage and I tryed to sterillized all my close what I brought back from the hotel.
Since that I can't sleep at the night I'm really sceared of the bugs-they bite me everywere,face,legs,arms and back!
I really hope they not going to aper at my home!!!!It would be a tragedy!!!!

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