Best Western Oceanside Inn
1180 Seabreeze Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I have been staying at the Best Western Plus ocean side in Fort Lauderdale for a week now for work. After my first day I had a few itchy bites on my ankles, which I thought were mosquito bites. After a few days more appeared on my ankles and now there were some on my hands and arm, but they were more like flea bites than mosquito bites. Needless to say my room at bedbugs. My room number is 503

My husband and I recently stayed here for work, along with 4 of our employees. In total we had 3 rooms. I stripped our bedding as soon as we arrived and thoroughly inspected the mattress and area under and around the bed. I found nothing. However, in one of the other rooms one of the guys did say they found a dead one. Also, in the week prior to this stay our employees had stayed in this hotel and said that they were placed on the second level in which all but two rooms were tore apart because o

f bed bugs.

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I stayed there a week in August of 2009. Every morning I'd wake up with more and more bites up and down my legs. There were three other people in the hotel room who also got bitten, but I'm positive the bugs liked me more. I didn't know where the bites were coming from, but after some research I concluded it was bed bugs. When I left the hotel the bug bite count on my legs exceeded 20 no question!! I reported this to the hotel-- they extended a written apology and hopefully, they've done someth

ing about it.

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