Sterling Sands
1080 Highway 98 E
Destin, FL

Found 2 reports:

First, let me say that my inspector and I went up to that room directly with the guest with us before office hours that morning. We only saw 3 live small bugs-we immediately offered to move her (even though) we have no idea that we may cause a problem for the new unit nor did we have any previous reports of bed bugs from past guests in this room. This was our first encounter and we feel it was handled and quickly, swiftly and diligently as we could manage on a weekend when pest control compani

es are closed. We called pest control on the Monday following as this was reported on a Saturday and was the guests 2nd to last night. They had been in this same unit for a few days before there was any reporting. We offered and she was very gracious of our willingness to move her, help pack, offered to give her trash bags, etc. to remove any affected linens. Not only was this guest relocated to an alternate unit without any fees-she was compensated for her remaining stay. There was no evidence of bites on any person, the few bugs we saw were confined to one bed, we have since treated the unit and it has been certified bed bug free. Not to mention, as a precaution-we treated the entire condo, replaced mattresses and installed bed bug proof covers on remaining beds.
At our expense, due to the move of rooms-we also treated accordingly unit 505 to be certain of no issues there and there have also been no sightings.
The phone call was promptly returned but the number given was to office that closed at 4:30pm and no messages could be left. I spoke to the guest who stayed in 305 personally and worked out the details. She was very happy after our call and understands we did all we could do for her and hopes that she will come back to Sterling Sands in the future. She said she would be back to visit.

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My family and I stayed at the resort from 8/7/14 to 8/10/14. On the first night we arrived, the children woke me with complaints of itching and bites. After pulling back the bed linen I seen at least 50-60 bed bugs on the mattress. Checked my bed and discovered blood on the linen. No bugs, just blood. We were in room 305 when we discovered the bugs. Management was called and they came to investigate our claim. The manager would not let me in the room when she "investigated" my claim but did tell

me there were hundreds of them.I have pictures of both the bugs, and blood that I seen.

We were moved to room 505. To date I have not been able to contact a manager at the location. I have left several voice mail messages. Today I called the Marketing/ Sales VP Ron Mote @ 850-269-8445. I left another message..........

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