Motel 6 Destin
405 Harbor Blvd
Destin, FL

Found 2 reports:

Went in checked the room (or so I thought) and then decided to stay. Told my family that the place was really nice and I did a full bedbug check. We brought up our things then I decided to look one more time..... So happy I did!!!! Found 3 very very small bugs crawling around. If there was 3 within sight then who knows how many more there were. We left immediately!!!! Stear clear.

I stayed here over New Years Eve and prior to going out for the night, took a brief nap in the bed. I woke up itching, found a bed bug literally on my leg, and many others in the sheets. I reported it to the front desk, who hesitantly moved me to another room in a different building (said they needed all the rooms they could have open for New Years). I found bed bugs in that bed as well. There had to have been almost 15 in the first bed I was in. 2 or 3 in the second.

No nearby bug reports